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Love is a beautiful and very potent emotion. We have seen to determine the course of many lives, societies, and even civilizations at different points in history. With this strong emotion as a determinant, the categories introduce you to the romantic lives of two or more individuals and the people around them. This content genre is fiction and treats you to the highs and lows of people in love and their struggles to actualize their romantic aspirations amidst staunch oppositions from family, friends, or the society at large. Treat yourself to a wide range of romance novels on Inkhood as we have an impressive library ready for you.

General Fiction

As its name suggests, General Fiction is a genre that encompasses all contents and stories that don’t fit into a certain fictional subgenre. This genre is also known as contemporary fiction and it usually focuses on the life and times of an adult, discussing the struggles and experiences faced by this protagonist. General fiction comes with details and vivid characterizations and features mature themes most times. Enjoy much contemporary fiction content here at Inkhood as our library and collections are sure to satisfy your yearnings for mature fiction content.


Fiction is a broad category of content and stories that are majorly born out of the author’s imaginations and creativity. Fictions are not real stories, no matter how real and original they sound. However, many authors draw inspiration from the experiences of other people or theirs to fuel the creation of many fictional contents. Due to the broad nature of the genre, there are many sub-classifications under it. We have subgenres such as general fiction, romance, mystery and thriller, diverse literature, and many others. We understand that this genre is the most popular among most readers and thus, we have an extensive library that seeks to satiate your reading appetite.


The mystery genre shares a lot of similarities with the thriller genre. The two genres basically focus on the same type of content or stories, and that is unraveling mysteries and unanswered questions. The major difference between the two genres is the style adopted in telling the story. For mystery content, the protagonist is usually a detective or a law enforcement agent. Moreso, this genre uses less action, tension, or violence. It features more logic, fact-finding, and suspense than adrenaline-pumping excitement. Lastly, the crime or puzzle involved in this genre is usually not big or on large scale like that of the Thriller genre.

Short Story

As the name suggests, short stories are short and small pieces of writings where the author decides to give readers a slice of life. In this book genre, readers are treated to brief narrative prose with a small number of characters, a decisive plot, and a compact experience. While short stories are different from novels or proper prose (in size), they usually feature the same elements and components. As such, a short story will have a plot, a setting, characters, and other components of proper prose.


While many readers are not familiar with this literary genre, the truth is that many books fall under this category. To help you understand better, contemporary books are stories and content written and based on the current period. These stories discuss issues and narrate experiences that are peculiar to this current period. While the stories are reflective of these current times, they are still fiction. Thus, readers can enjoy the imaginative mind of the author while easily relating to the content of the story.

Chick Lit

This genre of literature is generally focused on womanhood and the struggles of women in today’s world. The stories under this genre usually focus on different aspects of a woman’s life including love and romance, career and profession, and their relationships with friends and family. While this genre is also fiction, it does its best to reflect the experiences of women in the 21st century and beyond. You are welcome to check out our amazing offerings at Inkhood as we treat you to quality Chick Lit content and many more.

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