ANCIENT Apocalyptic Magical Powers meet MODERN Technology.

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Salihu Abdullahi Ahmed

Jan 10, 2020

A doomsday prophecy, predicted the end of our world as we know it, for the rise of another civilization as it had been in the generation before ours. GLORIA, a medical doctor and daughter of an illustrious Biochemist was kidnapped on a strange night by three of the children of the biblical Lilith, the Ancient yet powerful Queen and first woman created. They resurrected their mother Lilith in the body of doctor GLORIA to usher in the apocalypse. Lilith was LUCIFER'S first human lover when he fell from heaven. But she banished him to hell to protect her family. Now, the powerful Queen sought ways in the form of a bloodbath ritual to bring back her lover. The fate of our world rested in the hands of three powerful teenagers birthed on the same day to different parents on different locations. Would they find their selves in time to save the world?

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