3 responses to “Songs of Sorrow: Chapter 3”

  1. Wynonn Judd says:

    I was working on a press release about my online store( http://www.thetrailsendboutique.net) and the topic came up about progress principle because of the small progresses I make every day. I found that to be a good example of how to explain my drive.

  2. Stephania Milovic says:

    My experience is that HBR editors never ask for professional level evidence, data or facts to support the articles they publish. Big waste of time for serious problem-solvers.

  3. Ralph Fiennes says:

    Thank you very much for the review. I am a startup entrepreneur that facing a problem which force me to built a solutions that based on keeping track on the daily small win or loose in my company that can be nourished and commented by everyone in our team. I kinda felt depressed when offering this to my friends business that see my product just a substitute to a project management tools and seems lack on feature for it. My tools is just alpha version but if you like you can always go to checkmistry.com. Anyway this article boost up my spirit and give us a hint that maybe we are really going on the right path. Thank you very much for your awesome article. I will send this to my early adopters to make sure that they get the whole concept before starting to use checkmistry.


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